Saturday, 6 April 2013

Today I... Disappeared

Today I left myself behind...

A clean emerald lake, hued tan in the shallows of the bank. It had risen due to the amount it has rained of late. The lake itself had a voice and an even harsher tongue. It looked up at the sky and threatened to drown the mountains. Never have I been draipsed in such tranquility. By no exaggeration, it became me. There were two others in my company but for most of the afternoon we were as silent as strangers.

Lake Zirou burst its banks.
As evening approached, the lake became bathed in a different light. The pastel mountains in the distance became mere outlines, and the mountains half-submerged by the still waters had began to fade away. Even if only for a split moment I felt like I was in a painting. Perfection had become pervasive.

We watched as the sun made it's way behind the trees opposite; an audience of three, watching as it gently shied away. Time seemed to suspend; if only it could have suspended me.

 More pictures from the lake will be posted tomorrow.

Note: There were also thousands of tadpoles near the shore. Apologies for whatever Youtube decided to do with the footage. It told me it was too shaky and decided to do something neuvo riche and make it look like a  real-life version of a 1950s cartoon.

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