Sunday, 18 May 2014

Travel Log #3 - Mt. Kyllini (August '12)

Hercules, Hercules!

Sorry mythology lovers, but whenever I hear Hercules I picture this first:

So when I returned from Santorini alone and my friend John asked me if I wanted to follow the footsteps of Hercules, you must forgive me for picturing Eddie Murphy clapping in drag at a rotund slab of a boy flexing his flabby muscles.

Foolishness aside, John interested in his Greek heritage had been busying himself visiting historical sites that he had studied in the past and Lake Stymfalia, the site where Hercules was fabled to have slain the almighty hydra, was on his checklist. I didn't really need asking, though. Of course I would accompany him. So, in a quaint little rental car, we set out to visit a site of a legendary Labour of Hercules.

Lake Stymfalia is somewhere amidst a great mountain range containing Mount Kyllini. We scoured Mount Kyllini for hours, witnessing its beautiful green gorges and winding roads clinging to the mountainside.

Me, going for the pensive explorer look.
Just before me was a sheer drop and an amazing view.

After hours of searching we decided we were out of luck and made our way slowly out of the labyrinthine mountains and journey back home along the coast. 

The amazing view.

It was a beautiful outing to say the least.

We say no hydra...only goats. You want proof? Here are your goats! And my awful drawling Black Country accent.

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More snaps for y'all:

Beautiful flower arrangements at a mountainside cafe
Goat-works ahead...
...estimated waiting time 30 minutes.

The picturesque view of mountains enclosing a beautiful valley.

A bit of open road for you thrill seekers.

A bit more open road...

Johnny the adventurer.

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