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Travel Log #2 - Santorini (August '12)

To start with, I during August I visited Zakynthos, too. However, I do not wish to dedicate a post to it seeing as I was completely disappointed with the British presence there. Not only was I disgusted by the behaviour of the youth pouring onto the streets in a drunken sex-mad frenzy, but also by the way the tourist industry on the island catered for this from the seedy nightclubs to the hepatitis beaches.

In one quick collage, this is how I saw Zakynthos...

Yeah, because people go on holiday for such vulgarity and Sainsbury's.

In contrast, this is Santorini:

The sunset at Oia taken from the ruins of the castle.

Notice the difference? I ruddy well hope so!

Santorini is a fairly small island. You can travel from North to South, I'd say, in just an hour or two. Sure, the island has its tourism, but it is nothing like that of Zakynthos. All of the souvenirs on the island are traditional trinkets like charms necklaces made from the rock of the volcano on the island.

If asked to describe Santorini in one word I would say 'quaint'. Bear in mind that this is quaint in the best possible way.

Tourorising Santorini.

My friend Lily and I rented out a moped, for a very reasonable price, and razzed around the island. One of the most awe-inspiring feature of this island are that is coastlines are quite mountainous, which not deter the island dwellers who built their houses into steep cliffs. It is such a beautiful sight to look upon. Santorini is the most picturesque place I have visited in my short time on this Earth.

A view of Santorini's coastal capital, Fira.

Another fine feature lending itself to the island's fame is the beaches. Due to there being a volcano off shore, Santorini has a beautiful sea and beautiful beaches, some of which are famously red and black. That's right! Red and black beaches! For any soul-seeking, body nurturers out there, I am sure that these sands hold spiritual minerals that let you absorb solace through the spaces between your toes or something like that.

A beach that bleeds out into the sea.

I captured Lily capturing the sunset. Riveting stuff.
Santorini's most famous trademarks are its sunset and sunrise; they are classed as one of the most beautiful of their kind in the world. I had the privilege to witness one. It was breathtaking, definitely romantic. I watched a couple getting married with the gold, purple sky as a backdrop.

Every day we passed a Mexican restaurant on a cliff top. One day we caved - thank God we did!

Me and Lily at the Mexican restaurant atop a cliff.

Although, the experience for me was not a romantic one as such, I must say that this would be perfect for any lovebirds. Imagine being around 200 metres in the air, overlooking the ocean as the sun goes down AND THEN a waitress bring you the first of your gutbuster BBQ ribs challenge! Pure bliss. I went through 2 and a half racks of ribs for about £12. Bargain!

Simply wonderful.
One down!

Bargain for blokes and dreamy view for the madams. Everybody's happy! No tears; relationship bolstered.

I couldn't recommend Santorini enough as a relaxing and fulfilling getaway- especially if you aren't interested in your typical drug-addled Ibiza rave or the Marbella lounge-by-the-pool-athon.

Thanks for reading.

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Some more holiday snaps:

Can this selfie be excused? I guess some may consider me young and hip.

My father would love this van. I think I was addressed as 'Bullshitter' more than Jon growing up.
'You can't bullshit a bullshitter!' he would tell me. Never a truer word...

'I give you the end of a golden string'. Do something different. Grab that chalice.

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