Saturday, 18 May 2013

Today Alone in a Swanky Hotel

Swanky 'otel
Today is exam day. A taxi has brought me from my early morning lesson (8:30-10:am - on a Saturday) to the Hotel Βυζαντινο (Byzantine) where the exams are being held. I couldn't be there for the students when they entered the exams at 9:30, but I had promised them that I would be there when they came out. So I brashly find a table in the middle of the elegant dining area and ordered myself a beverage, whilst trying to look as 'suppish' as I possibly can. Despite my greatest effort, which included wearing my shades indoors, I could not help but feel a streak of nerves passing through the base of my stomach.

Milkshake and paper.

40 minutes remain - Still in the dining area, drinking the worst chocolate milkshake that has ever passed over my palate. Perhaps the flavour has been compromised by my mounting anxiety. I have already written what I initiall feel is my best song ever through simple hums and a mental orchestra, as well as this blog up until this point. My stomach is uneasy and I am the only visitor who has their own dictionary. People are beginning to stare at me like some sort of side-show attraction as I move around the vicinity getting snaps of the hotel.

20 minutes remain - Nearly polished off milkshake. Nerves have made. My sentences. Shorter. And my. Thoughts make. Sense not do.

10 minutes - I hope the next familiar face I see is a smiling one. I hope. I pray.

15 minutes over-ran - Waiting exacerbates the nerves. Many ridiculous scenarios run through my mind as to why there is a delay. Maybe a student hyperventilated. Maybe there was a technical fault involving the listening apparatus. Maybe an epic battle between the Japaneze Godzilla and Gilbert Godfried, in a stale-mate shriek-off, briefly interrupted the fluidity of the examination. As aforementioned: ridiculous. Fed up with waiting. Playing some God-awful game on my mobile phone.

As I see them enter the reception area, I am pleased to see smiling faces bouncing out of the room. Definitely better than dragging feet and grumpy faces. I think they were just glad it was over. I feel immensely proud. A year has passed and it has built up to this. Here's to hoping all the hard work paid off.

More 'otel.
This table impressed me.

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