Friday, 24 May 2013

Today I...Got Another Touching Gift

Today I taught my final lesson with one of my favourite classes - and most testing class, may I add. A constant spur of hormones and smiles, I have had a lot of enjoyment teaching these girls and I have realised that I am beginning to gain more out of our relationship than I thought I ever would. By connecting with these young girls and learning about them, Inow have the hunger to learn more about my younger sister.

My relationship with my sister has always wavered, as is the classic tale of young siblings. You have those brothers and sisters with that angelic relationship. You know the ones. The chuckles and smiles, inside jokes and quality time. Very unnatural and very unbearable. Real brothers and sisters tear chunks out of each other and find sickening pleasure out of the other's misery. True one upmanship. True family bonding. All this aside, they still have each other's backs. From these girls that I have bonded with over the year I have gained a desire to be more active and interested in my own sister's life and interests. Don't get me wrong, I will never go to a One Direction concert (in fact, I may host a parade on the advent of their inevitable disbandment), but I am making it one of my goals to have more of an active interest in her life.

So, to conclude my time teaching these students, they gave me a sheet of paper during a relaxed exam practice lesson for their speaking exam. To them, it was probably nothing as they doodle this kind of thing in each other's books in every lesson, but for me it means so much. I am considering getting it immortalised along with a few other pieces of memorabilia. These are the spoils of a long testing war, after all.

Well, isn't this statement a little prideful...and completely true...
I really don't know whether this was a joke or a mistake. Either way, it is really awesome.

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