Sick of the usual British holiday location with its boozed up Brits and overly touristy tripe? Same here!

A traditional holiday spot for Greek people, Santorini is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Despite the extent of barren land, the island is known for its mountainous terrain with communities built into the cliff faces as well as its breath-takingly amorous sunsets.

This is a very popular island to go and explore. The focus of this island's commerce is not to cater for the over-consumption of alcohol and upskirt shenanigans, thus not a lot of pilled up youngsters will be found on the streets of Santorini. The majority is for the keen sight-seer seeking a bit of sun-drenched peace.

Nevertheless, you can find an active nightlife on the island and there are vibrant beaches, but there is nothing like the antics that you see on Booze Britain to be found here. The sand on the beaches are notorious for being created by an off-shore volcano, which unfortunately I never got the chance to visit.
If you are looking for a calm holiday away from the expected British abroad behaviour, Santorini is perfect and (I assume) extremely romantic. A lot of people travel to the island to marry by the sun-set and the sea. The hostels are cheap enough and you can get around the island easily by scooter, which are also very cheap to rent. A reasonable priced trip for an amazing experience.

Note: More photos of Santorini can be found on my Pinterest page. Click here for link.

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