Monday, 18 March 2013

Lyrics I Wish I Had Written #2

"Bury me in all my favourite colours."
Cancer by Gerard Way

This lyric is about death and can be found on an album telling the tale of a death. Not exactly the most positive theme for an album but, in emo music, is pretty much the standard. These lyrics suggest that we see someone's death in a positive light. We should see death as a celebration of their life. Of course we should be upset at them leaving this world, but should see them only for what they gave to us. They should be cherished in memory. This is the way I would like to happen when I go. Even though (to date) I have done nothing substantial, I would like to be remember for what I gave to the people in my life, not to what I was taking away. All my favourite colours.  I would also like "to go" whilst pulling a ridiculous face. And not defacating.

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