Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Today I... Rage (without reason)

Under the surface lurks a large gremlin; hideous and faceless it passes through me on a turbulent and tortuous course, making little-to-know damage. It is completely containable but leaves me with nothing but a hollow feeling. It is an empty rage. Definitely one that is hard to explain. I find that in moments like these I learn more about myself and force myself to be more productive. One of the mantras that I firmly believe in is that 'I am at my best when I am at my worst.' Meaning that I create the best music and writing when I am in a bad way. So I milk my bad moods for all they are worth and use them to empassion me. Downward spirals ain't so bad if you can get something positive out of them.

You must consider what is your mantra? What is that motto that you use to propel you through your life? What exactly motivates you? Does it work as words of promise or just get you through the drudgeries of the day?

Let me know, please...

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  1. In life we will often have moments when we feel confused, unorganized, and just all together disoriented. Unfortunately, this is a necessary part of life. It does not mean though that these feelings need to bog us down. I find ways to not think about troublesome stuff, talk to friends, go jogging, play with my dog and the most important thing. 'Always look on the bright side of life' like monty python sang (my motto in life)and music in general helps a lot!


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