Monday, 15 April 2013

For Boston

As simple as a sentiment comes, this post is in light of the incident in Boston. Recently, I have decided not to express too much of an opinion on any topic found in the news, but after learning about this utter catastrophe and seeing images of the carnage, my thoughts are with those affected. Truly chilling state of affairs. To suggest that I hope whoever caused such damage to a community - potentially tarnishing the memory of such a prestigious, American tradition and hurting so many people during a time of national unrest - gets his comeuppance can be met with the sight of an angered cartoon character aiming a fist at the sky and shouting 'curses'. In other words, it is pointless as there is nothing you can to a single person to come close to the result of this travesty. It will sit as a landmark in the American timeline, as does any tragedy of this scale. I fear to imagine the kind of person who could do something of this nature and live with themselves afterward. To end on an adage, 'How do they sleep at night?'

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