Saturday, 18 May 2013

Real Talk: For Those With Me

Writing this may be in vain. This simply sits as a thank you to every single person I have met over the duration I have been living in Greece. I say it may be in vain because I am sure that the majority of my students have better things to do than read some fusty teacher's thanks splayed on the internet, thus this will be read only by those of you who actually follow my blog regularly. Many of you are Russian. I have never met a Russian in my life, so the fact that I have a following there is pretty interesting. Anywho...

I have seriously enjoyed my year. As with everything, it has had its ups and downs. Up; I have met some truly inspiring people. Down; I have built an extension to my waistline. Up; I have been to places more beautiful than I ever thought I would. More beautiful than the inside of a Gregg's bakers. Down; I went to the hospital. Up; I tried something new and it moved me. Down; I think I am addicted to coffee. Up; I now love coffee. This could go on forever.
The Bridge: A view from my coffee this afternoon.

According to one of my students my time inside the hospital changed me; made me less funny. Apparently, before my period of incarceration I was the funniest person he had ever met (one for the old pride, perhaps even to be scribed on the tombstone), but when I came out, it was like something had 'happened'. There is no debate that in my writing there is less humour of late. Nice little pictures of nice little locations. Factual information regarding my daily doolallies. The gradual disappearance of the word 'shid' signifies that this has secretly become a real blog and not just me being angry at things like employment and sweaty men at the gym. This will likely change as I move back to England and re-enter the void.

Before I see another Great British chav*, I have still got a few more weeks of work left in me. With this in mind, I offer the most sincere thank you to the students who finished their studies with me last December and to the students that have completed their studies today. 'Congratulations' and 'Good Luck' in the future. To those who haven't yet finished - apologies, you are still in the thick of it...for now.

As I said previously, this message will probably not reach the right eyes. Why not tell them personally, you ask? I am but a modest man. If I speak so openly with emotive intentions there is the possibility I could have my man license revoked.

*This image does not belong to me and this fact makes me incredibly happy.

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