Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Real Talk: To Put it in Words

If there is one thing I will never do, it is be someone I am not.  My friends tell me that they can read me like a book because I wear my emotions.  Everybody has a mask; mine is just skin-tight.

I am gregarious when it comes to my writing, which can be annoying.  There is always something kicking around inside my mind - some sort of idea taking form - and it can leave me pre-occupied, at times. 

Dignity does not have a place with me.  To my friends' bemusement, my addictive nature has latched itself onto Christopher Walken.  His unique voice and register intrigues me as I find the way in which he fleshes his characters to be awe-inspiring.  So, I mimic him a lot: watching the game, walking down the street, drinking coffee - my Walken impression gets legs. 

Daftness aside, when it comes to writing I never really stop.  I can often be found on my daily travels, singing to myself, trying to find that next line or vocal melody to a song.  Today, without realising it, I developing one of my characters in more depth by having a conversation with him...aloud.  This entailed me having a conversation with myself using two slightly on a topical issue.  I learnt a lot about him in those five minutes.  Unfortunately, this told a lot about me, too.  I guess it makes long walks home slightly more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for my inevitable acclivity into insanity.

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