Saturday, 7 December 2013

Real Talk: Christmas Draws Near

Last night I was visited by three ghosts.  The first was 'the Ghost of Christmas Swag', who blinded me with ethereal Reebok classics and MC Devo impressions.  At this, I rolled over and ignored the other two ghosts.  The last ghost may have been the innocent spirit of Jeremy Kyle's lost innocence asking me to slay the demon, but I will never know.

It's that time already.  Stocking filling and time to doll up your houses as if you are entering them in a pageant.  That's right! It's yuletide advent season all across the globe (predominantly Christian-based), and everyone is getting a bit excited.  The time has come for that infamous Coca-Cola advert which gave Santa his change of costume - I haven't seen it, but apparently it was on at some time in October, bringing joy to the hearts of many and just that much more Cola in their tummy-tums.

It's almost Christmas time, y'all! Don your Scandinavian knitwear and hug a Cliff Richard in need as the magic will be on your doorsteps before long.

This year I have decided to remain in Greece to observe their customs and traditions of the festive period.  In no way do I believe it will be too far from different to the one that I am used to, however, the branch of Christianity in Arta is far different from the branch that I am used to.

Cherish your loved ones in this period. Actually - scrap that.  Always cherish them.  Christmas should not be a holiday demanding the closeness of relatives that would otherwise not communicate.  This idea feels a bit shallow.  Countless time I have heard folk complain about seeing their relatives over the Christmas period.  Why bother seeing them at all if you don't like them?  Does Christmas bring those forced smiles of plastic joy.  It doesn't sit right with me.  If you don't like 'em, cast 'em away!  Don't waste your energy and their time on something not heart-felt.  Give people the real stuff.  That fuzzy shid that resided deep within the belly of the stingiest miser.  You know the stuff.  It tastes like butterscotch and brings colour to the darkest day.  No.  Not LSD.  Get your head out of that place... seriously!

Over the Christmas period, I assure you that my thoughts will mainly be of home.  This will be my first Christmas away from my family and it feels pretty strange, as well as exciting.  Hopefully, I will have a lot of things to document over the holidays.

In other news, today brings us the selection of the Groups Stage of the World Cup in Brazil next Summer.  I may have to make a small comment on this at some point soon!

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