Friday, 15 March 2013

Lyrics I Wish I had Written

As a writer, you always come across a particular line, a certain specific way that someone else found to phrase or portray their thoughts, that flirts with the realms of perfection. You come across that specific line that you have always felt at the edge of your mind, driving you crazy. When you come across it it catches you sharp like a cold wind dragging across a freshly shaved face. This lexical treasure leaves you feeling inadequate in a way, simply because you wish you had written this yourself. As a songwriter, these moments are completely soul destroying and regrettably regular.

Combined with the words themselves, you can hear it the way the artist (presumably) intended it to be sung; adding blood and venom to the bite. A deep slow bleed to the ear and a subtle flame in the heart. Deflating and inspiring simultaneously when you think to yourself: 

‘That line was mine, you thief. You plucked it from my mind when I wasn’t looking and replaced it with fuzziness and the feeling that something was there. Something important.’ 

So, basically this page stands as a 'lyrics that make me think' page. I will post, give my thoughts and if the website will permit it, get some feedback.

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