Wednesday, 13 March 2013


This being my first blog (hopefully of a series of many), it seems customary to highlight the intentions of creating this blog, whilst revealing a bit about my personality, my goals in life or a plethora of ways to express myself. However, this blog currently has no form or shape.

As my blogging virginity pulses out of my fingertips and will hopefully breathe life into my most immediate thoughts, I rack my mind for an agenda or a certain piquant initiative to shape this contribution to the Internet. At this moment in time I sit, metaphorically, on an metaphorical toilet, metaphorically wincing, huffing and gripping the metaphorical toilet seat and staring hopelessly at the metaphorical blogroll, praying to a metaphorical deity in which I have metaphorical belief. I pray for a movement. Something to come to light. Alas, I sit helplessly alone on the blog.

This metaphor is probably going to fall accurate over time, as I will probably just end up producing another shiddy blog.


  1. Alone no more John, Amy your long lost 'slob mode' friend is here to welcome you to the blogging world :D

    Amy! x

  2. Why thank my dear, fellow slobonian. I may have to have a muse through your blog!


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