Friday, 29 March 2013

Real Talk: Banter About Breasts

Facebook has been plastered with rants and gripes over a lady who had her breast altered courtesy of the British tax payer. Personally, I find widespread social network scoops hilarious and - more often than not - I feel that I only get about 3% of the full story. More than likely the word spread over the internet as a campaign led by The Sun, read by the general public without being scrutinised and then shared like gospel. Praise the Lord!

Josie Cunningham (the boobed one), is currently running amok all over the media for having her chest extended for £4,800 on the NHS. The near-unanimous outrage has played into her hands, though. If she simply went under the radar she would not have gotten so many offers for modelling jobs. Many people are commenting on the way she looks and deeming her, in so many words, a blight upon humanity. In her defence, she says that this breast enlargement was to improve her life. 

Maybe it is because she didn't like the way she looked, which I don't feel is an example of her stupidity (because I think she may be a chav), but a product of our materialist society and the way we portray beauty in women. The media portrays them as trouser-pleasing bobble-heads. We all hate aspects of ourselves and, given the chance, we would make a change. Given the chance, I would change my ill-fitting rump in a heart-beat. At the end of the day, the NHS offered her this opportunity and she had the guile to take it, fair play to her. It looks like it's keeping her off the dole.

Furthermore, this could not have been a back-alley procedure where the funds were secretly siphoned out of the governments back pockets. I am guessing that the legal procedures preceding this operation were strenuous and long. Sources suggest that it took about 8 years for her to get this operation. I know that I would have given up and learned to live with my qualms after about 2 years of moaning to the government about my fat ass. This entire story seems like a stitch-up fabricated by the Government. The media has created a common enemy, in this case, a very common enemy, but whatever the background, there were many more people involved in this matter. She has just been made the face of it. An easy target. A very easy target.

Either way, I thought people liked boobs. Personally, I think they're great no matter whose chest they are hanging off.

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