Friday, 29 March 2013

Real Talk: Comedy - Eastbound and Down

For love of all things insane, inane and profane, Eastbound and Down is the washed out aftermath of the illustrious career of ex-baseball pro, Kenny Powers. With a complete disregard for others, Kenny (Danny McBride) is an arrogantly self-absorbed egotist still living under his famous motif, 'you're fucking out'. Finding inner strength by listening to his own autobiography on audio book, he strives to rebuild his failed baseball career and regain his fame, which he doesn't even realise he has lost.

This series is uncompromising, abrasive and just full of moments of pure excellence . As with every series, it takes a few episodes to get your footing as you have to learn what each character is about. Once you do your patience is rewarded with an irresponsibly acute comedy series that will grow on you surprisingly quickly for such a manic series. Be warned, however, if you don't take to sex, drugs and a most spectacular mullet then this may not be a series for you.

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