Thursday, 28 March 2013

Real Talk: Comedy - Bored to Death

In an age beyond Only Fools and Horses and Red Dwarf, I have found myself searching far and wide for good comedies to sink my teeth into. Most of my free time is spent relaxing and watching comedies. Some of them popular and some of them unheard of. At the risk of arrest, I must admit that I stream all of my television and am unfamiliar with the laws of doing so. I have always been under the impression that the Internet was a no-holds-barred, anything-goes sort of arena, but since the infamous Twitter arrests, I will not be providing links to these shows. So if you find yourself interested... you are on your own, bud.

Before I begin, the reason I decided to write this was because a student asked me to provide him with an English speaking series based on music and dance, so I am downloading Glee for him. I have never seen Glee, but I feel absolutely dreadful. From what I hear, the series is right down his alley...Glee. This is my way of equating the universe. A justice for an injustice. It will take a while to clean this slate, so here we go.

Bored to Death 

This is one of the most underrated comedies that I have ever come across. Cult followed, Bored to Death stars the short, bearded fellow from The Hangover movies. You know, the adorable man-child with the Greek name. The one who wouldn't look out of place wearing a man daiper. I refuse to IMDB him, whilst writing this. His name is Zach Galifianakis*. Although he is not the central character, I felt he was a great selling point to draw in interest. Moving on...

This series revolves around a struggling writer (resemblant of a David Schwimmer action figure), who begins a double life as a Private Investigator without any skills or knowledge in the field. It is a genuinely, airy comedy as you watch this character pass from calamity to awkward calamity. Despite the completely far-fetched parodical nature and that this is a genre that has been blatantly drained of originality, the style of writing in this series is in accordance to the better examples of modern American comedies. The modest script and characters curtailed by their own eccentricity makes for very amusing watching.  It also stars Ted Danson playing an absolutely sensational role. Definitely worth the watch just to see his portrayal of an aging entrepreneur. A guilty pleasure I am proud of.

* Yeah, I IMDB'd the guy...

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