Sunday, 24 March 2013

Today I... Need To Get Real

Today I begin to really think over my life. My 24th Birthday is edging surreptitiously closer and I really need to begin planning the next segment of my life. The time that I have left in Greece is coming to an end. I really need to start thinking about what is next on the agenda.

So, off I plod to my laptop. It comes to life and shows me potential job opportunities that could be the next step of my adulthood and the shaping of my future. Slathering over the list, it hits me that I am both slightly under-qualified and inexperienced for any of the positions. Thus, my remaining months in Greece must call for a certain affinity towards my future. Efforts must cater for these future job applications and I must prepare for a life as a 'career man'.

In reality, I looked at  writing job vacancies in editing around a week ago. Since then procrastination has set in. All that I have done to begin meeting the criteria required for these jobs is create this blog. In my eyes, this will be a steady foundation for any writing position, as it is an easily accessible source of my writing prowess (if that's what you can call this).

I have racked my brain for an idea on how to get other experience in writing. Maybe I could volunteer my editing service to friends? Perhaps I could provide creative ideas to help friends with their personal or business endeavours and state that I have experience in consultancy? But who truly requires help of this nature from an unproven amateur. It's all about experience. If you don't got it, you don't got it.

It's hard to envisage a future for myself at this moment in time. My mind cannot form clear thoughts as to what I want to be, let alone how I could possibly be it. David Mitchell said that people in Britain drink so excessively because they fail to see a future. This is a common thought to me, as I am no different. Alcohol is an easy way to absolve thought. Alcohol is an easy way to absolve fear. In other words, a completely foolproof defence against general conscious sensation. But alcoholism and aspiration are topics for another time.


  1. Sounds quite philosophical. With regards to editing, why not write to a few newspapers with a good covering letter and see what responses you get back? You may have to work free for a few weeks to get a bit of experience.. But one or two days a week... Might be worth it in the long run?

  2. Thanks a lot Steph. Will keep that in mind. And thanks for reading my tripe :)

    What are you doing these days? You must be on your last year of Uni by now! x


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