Monday, 1 April 2013

Today I... Went to Koronisia

Today I did find a skull on the beach and, in all my maturity, I did pick it up and move it around the beach. I controlled the impulse to chase a girl into the sea with it. Kudos this way, please. Cheers.

Koronisia is a peninsula in the municipality of Arta (my hometown) and in the summer I imagine it to be lively as it is close to the sea and easily accessible by car. Today, however, the sky was filled with fast moving grey clouds that constantly dimmed the sun and allowed short bursts of perfect warmth. It was one of those days when your jacket was constantly being put on, and quickly removed, accompanied by a few choice under-breath profanities.

As a location, Koronisia is at the end of a long beautiful car journey down a 6km long land bridge. The area itself is quite barren, but there is beauty to be found in scarcity. I find deserted places peaceful and relaxing. People can ruin places sometimes. There was also a marooned boat that I commamdeered like a massive child.

All in all, it was a pretty decent outing. Coffee, sun (at times) and great company. Definitely made up for the fact that I believe I have my first mosquito bite of the new year. Enjoy some amateurly taken and over-edited pictures, you filthy animals!

TodayIChange's Koronisia album on Photobucket

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