Tuesday, 2 April 2013


After a long yet stressless day of teaching, I decided that I will (as pretentious as it sounds) have another crack at writing my novel, The Flights of Icarus. I shall reveal nothing of its plot nor context, but I may post short snippets of it on here.

In other news, thanks. The personal responses that I have got in regards to my blogging activities have been extremely positive, constructive and generally chicken soup for the soul. I am still at a loss considering the direction of which my blog will follow in due time, but I sincerely appreciate the readership.

Yesterday, I almost hit 1,000 views. Decent. If you feel there is anyone who would enjoy a certain piece of my writing, let 'em know. Let's fight to keep the written word alive (or something as  asphilosophical and ripe with passion)!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to cut this post short. Early start tomorrow morning. I am going to head to the gym to work on my reflection...



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