Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today I... Were By Blue Water Again (Preveza pt 2)

Today I continue my account of Preveza after a second outing to this location of pristinity. Beyond the beach is a village called Mitikas, which rests beyond a slight acclivity. The views from this area are phenomenal. Being at a complete deficit when it comes to knowledge of a botanical nature, any comment I make about the environment and nature will be in the form of an obtuse commentary. For example...

A lit match.
Just look at that lean! It's pretty beastly for a tree! 

On a slightly more serious note, there were many interesting trees just like this one; resembling lit matches that nobody has the right to put out. Strong winds warp and bend the tree trunks on this summit leaving everything wind-swept and wonderful.

Like the majority of Greece, there was an abundance of golds and greens that brought a relaxing warmth as the scenery became absorbed into my flesh. Yet another place that has the ability to soothe me on such a level that I no longer mar the world around me, but marry it. This country has bored its way into my heart. Leaving it will be difficult, but I know that one day I will return to reignite these memories that I will crave to be living once more. 

Also, the sea was just lovely.

To be continued...

Behind the bushes, a lonely structure on a distant island.
The gold and the green.
A small monument as a testament to a life ended. There are worse places to meet an end.
Strong winds warp wood.
Another angle of isolation.
The summit.
Gold and green and the road in between.
Summits wrong!
The nearby coastline.
Some man-made thing made by men.
A view from the summit.
A bitta pink for the girls.
The structure close-up; artistic and such.

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