Monday, 22 April 2013

Tonight I... Live in Arta

This post must be opened with a blunt apology. My camera is in no way designed for nighttime shots, and I hate using the flash. As a prior warning, the images do lack clarity and focus. No need to adjust your eyes. Please note that these are the clearest out of all of the photos I took last night. I have wanted to post some information about my hometown for a while now. This is but a snub. A more detailed account will posted in due time (hopefully).

The Church in Agios Dimitrios Square.
(I believe that the man is texting, not snoozing)
In this post, I hope to capture some nighttime images of the town that I am currently living and working in. By day, Arta is a manifestation of tall buildings, cafes, beautifully decorum lining the streets, an energetic shopping mentality and God-awful parking. By night, during warmer periods, it is a socially active hub; cafe-turned-bars with expanding from the central location of the Άγιος Δημήτριος Πλατεία (the Saint Dimitrius Square). Just off the square is a long walkway with courtyards ouside cafes/bars where you can sit in the splendour of the night and enjoy the peace found in this town.

Walkway from the square.
Needless to say, there are plenty of places if you feel the need to venture out at night. If you fancy a bit of a dance and a club/bar atmosphere, there are many venues that play Greek pop music. If rock tickles your fancy, you can wet your whistle at very specific bars hidden away in secluded back streets or my personal favourite, The Old Post. If you are feeling like a culture sponge and strive for something a litte more traditional, there is always one or two places playing live music, be it acoustic artists playing covers or full blown bouzouki-based acts. Either way you will be amazed by the technicality found in traditional Greek music and how it doesn't take away from the beauty of the song but adds flavour.

As stated before in my post about cafes in Arta are well decorated and themed, and its easy to find yourself in an interesting looking establishment whilst enjoying the luxuries of the night. One of these places, I recently came across is Myrovolos. I will be posting a separate article about this particular spot due to its uniqueness. Hopefully, it will make a hearty read.

Another angle of the Agios Dimitrios Square

Reverse angle.

A side street with two Cafeneios
Street plants and a lamppost.

A quaint church and you can see my front door in this picture.

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