Friday, 17 May 2013

Today I... Bite my Nails to Nubs

Today I - well, tonight I - am slightly nervous about the outcome of the following day. Nine months of teaching leads to this. Ten of my students are taking their English exams in around 9 hours and I can't help feel for them. I remember being a little shid myself on exam day. All jittery. Competing to be the coolest in your little social clics. 13 HB pencils and quietly reciting a few revision notes in your own head. Yeah, I am glad I will never have to go through that again. You'd be amazed at the level these students have to learn English at. I reckon over 70% of the people I know in England wouldn't know half of the things that my 13 year old students know. These are truly intelligent children.

I am doing anything to try and relax; I have already been out for a two-beer rendezvous with a friend. Fortunately, I have come across an article I find pretty perplexing. It is about a faith healer with a difference and the response by certain British officials about his upcoming tour around the country. This kind of progress in humanity makes you realise why wrestling is the most popular sport in America. This is not a knock at Americans as I watch wrestling myself, but I don't think that when I had a gippy tummy I would pay a 250 lb pay-as-you-go priest to dropkick me in the gut. It's obvious that the average American will  see this kind of phenomenon as insane, but why has this man not been sectioned yet? The strangest thing is that I am now searching for proof of this behaviour other than testimonial in hopes that it really isn't true. Maybe I am the insane one.

Insanity aside, wish me and my students luck for tomorrow! As an intelligent man once said, 'To infinity and beyond'.

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