Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Today I... Pack My Life Away

Today I ready myself to leave home for the second time in a year. Outside, the temperature has reached a horrifying 40°C. People can rattle on all they want about it being 50°C in Egypt, but, for me, this temperature is extremely uncomfortable. The humidity is incredible, too. I don't know whether what running down my face is my sweat or the air's. It is beyond funny.

My shopping today cost me 50 Euros for a 15 Euro shop, simply due to the heat reducing me to a mortified zombie. Forgot my change, didn't I? As an adult I must accept that I paid for my stupidity and lack of attention. 35 Euros could have gone a long way and I don't have that kind of money to waste. Alas, as is life.

Today we salute a true veteran of the game.
I write this, whilst packing and becoming overwhelmed by strong emotions. A lot is to be left behind; so many good friends and memories. There are momentoes and trinkets given to me by some students, but there will never be enough. As well as leaving these behind, I am retiring many of my old clothes such as old T-shirts and Holy socks. One of the most significant of these items of clothing are my 'Toxic Gas' underwear. We have been through some good times together, but the label is fading and elastic is worn out. It's time has come, I'm afraid. There is no room in the future for novelty undergarments. Just 'Next' brand blandness. One colour - a stripe or two if I am lucky - but I am not getting my hopes up.

I will not be submitting another post until I return back to England and this blog changes tone as I re-enter the void. It is too hot to write anything and there are too many goodbyes needed to be said.

This has been my song of this Summer and the last one. I feel a lot of passion and nostalgia in this song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Written by Brian Fallon and Performed by The Gaslight I guess I don't own it.

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