Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Today I Return

Today I am afraid that I am the bearer of bad news...I'm back with more words laced with general quips and qualms. This post will serve as more of an update if truth be told. Let's get this out the way. 

  • I am back in England.
  • I just turned 24.
  • A baby was birthed in London.
  • I am currently unemployed.
  • I am currently exceedingly bored.
Apologies in advance, for this is the first real 'my life is drab' styled article I have ever really posted, but my word, the English culture has learned how to reflect the grey skies. Maybe it's me being older and developing a fleeting interest in all things interesting. 

My birthday was a lot of calm fun. A very good friend came from London to stay with me for the weekend and we reminisced. Even though I went to a night club, the nostalgia acted more like chicken soup for the soul than the good skinful we acquired.

I wish I could say that during my month of non-blogging that I have been on some exciting adventures involving intelligent and humorous anecdotes, or that I have been doing a bit of soul seeking and found the answers that plague my assiduous mind - yet I cannot. I have been a state of mere existence and have not seen a lot of my good friends or relatives due to a lingering debilitation brought about by lack of prospects. The future is as blurry as it has ever been.

Granted, this post was short and banal but I WILL be back on form posting something every few days really soon. So, hang tight.

In the meantime listen to my song of the moment and enjoy:

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