Saturday, 9 November 2013

Today I... Try to Find My Space

On occasion I can get overwhelmed by waves of nostalgia, of which can only be satisfied by reliving past experiences.  Today is one of these occasions.  Purely, as an act of impulse, I ventured back through the corridors of my mind - down the aisle of memory - venturing far beyond countless, darkened doors.  The light inside these doors a dwindling flicker; thoughts without form.  Today I travelled back to a moment of my youth, after a visit from 'The Ghost of Online Past'.

Today I logged onto MySpace again.

Oh, my dear old friend, how you have changed!  Suave, sophisticated and smooth, the website's make-over seems to be a resurrection, like the Christopher Lee of Social Networking - saved by a change of direction.

Now, the website resembles an android phone, saturated with gadgets, gimmicks and gizmos.  Aesthetically pleasing and interesting.  I guess I am drawn to it, as it stands as a form a social isolation.  Nobody I know even considers using this site anymore.  That's why it intrigues me.  A bit like revisiting a childhood hangout, blowing dust off old clubhouse rules and unearthing forgotten treasures from your past.  I am reading over message from when I was almost a decade ago.  Amongst an abundance of spam, I find correspondence with old best friends, girlfriends, ghosts from my past that shape my present, and I sit in amazement at what used to be important to me.  It's like an e-scrapbook.

Nostalgia is a beautiful sentiment that should be cherished once in a while.

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