Sunday, 24 November 2013

Today I...Made Music

So, here I am - one and a half years beyond the dissipations of my old band, From The Get Go - testing the saddle again.  This metaphor is referring to, once again, attempting to get back on the horse and start creating music again. 

Last night I met up with a few musicians in a studio to teach them one of my newer songs in order to prepare for a recording in the near future.  To be truthful, it felt strange working with different musicians due to the fact that I have never really worked with any other musicians than the ones in my previous band; two members of which I had been writing music with for the best part of a decade.  To try and connect with other musicians feel like a challenge, especially as they are not use to my style/genre as well as the language barrier.  It is a tall order; a challenge accepted.

I have come to realise that creativity is a virtue I have been blessed with. Even if it is not truly a virtue that will be appreciated by the masses (or by anyone for that matter) but it is a virtue that is mine to share.  So, I will record my songs and post them online for everyone to hear if they do so wish.

The first song will be called 'Distant Light'.  I hope it will be to your taste, and that I will get it on here soon.

Also, check out my good friend's revival project of his clothing brand Stand Tall HERE.

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