Thursday, 12 December 2013

Flights of Icarus Update

It is always horrible to admit to yourself that you have put something important on the shelf, but I have not been giving my book my full attention of late.  Instead, I have been writing bits and bobs and gradually building the image.  I must make time to sit at my laptop and tap away for an hour or two very soon.

One good thing that has arisen from my bits and bobbery is that I have given one of my characters a new lease on life. Originally designed as the comic relief of the story (which is very much needed, may I add), he is also a personality and has become an important vehicle for my the progression.  Sometimes it is important to see characters as tools and constructs.

Over the next week, I may post up a short chapter of my book to see what people think of it.  I hope that I can get some feedback. 

If you are interested in proof reading sections of my book do not be afraid to get in touch with me at

I will leave you with my song of the moment

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