Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I know that out of everyone who follows this blog, it is my parents and family who keep their eye on it the most.  At the risk of sounding cliché, if it wasn't for my family's support I would not have been able to live so freely as an adult nor would I have been able to have such a unique experience as living abroad.  I am indebted to them for a life well raised.

If you hadn't guessed this is one of those Christmas blogs mainly aimed at my family because this is the first time I will be away from my family during the holiday season.  So...the rest is a personal message from me to my family.

I can't be with you at home over Christmas, so let this be a homage to the experiences that I have been blessed with and my addition to the seasonal spirits...

Me, the education provider (playing pinball on the PC during my break)

Little Evans.  Bright kid.
Preparing for Christmas.

The little ones.  Jim and Alex are such attention seekers.

Dimitra, Billy Boy and Alex.

Me and the boys.

Alex was tired...

George and I - post-coffee by the sea.

Timos in the studio.

Marianna, George, Me, Venia and Helen.  The younger ones all took exams, so fingers crossed!

Menidi... my favourite place.

The 'Epiphany' Class.

The not-so-angelic angels.

Petro and Maria.
Vasoula and Marianthi
Helen and I.

Me, Alex and Billy Boy (from last year)

Chris, Timos, Me and Venia (before their exams)

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  1. Menidi looks so pretty! Have a fantastic Christmas John :)
    Amy x


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