Monday, 2 December 2013

Today I...Stand Tall

Basically, this little post is purely a promotional gambit for my friend's business, 'Stand Tall Clothing'.  In a second wind effort, my good friend Matt Fletcher (DJ Felch to his friends) has decided to restart his old brand, Stand Tall.

I have one of the original T-Shirts from this line and love it. His operation is based in China, where he currently works.  I know I have a few faithful readers out there in the USA, Russia and all over the world, so if you are interested in buying into new labels and wearing brands that aren't so renowned, keep your eye on this space.

If - in future - you do decide to order from Stand Tall Clothing, tell him I sent you!


On another note, I will try to produce more light-hearted and poignant material in the future month, seeing as though Christmas is just around the corner.  I also need to find a new way to promote this blog as my current avenues have been narrowed somewhat.  So, if you like what you read...tell a chum.

Better blogs to come and κάλο μήνα!

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