Sunday, 1 December 2013

Real Talk: Ian Watkins

Jumping onto the bandwagon, it is an utter disgusting story that deserves the media exposure it currently has.  Everybody involved is deserving of nothing more than removal from society for being a part of this scandal.

What I find most disgusting is that the man was so removed from reality (most likely due to his commercial success) that he even had the nerve to create a music video in which he played the role of a children's TV show host.  A truly maniacal action of a man who must have been under the impression that he was untouchable; a God in his own mind.

For this example of heathenish disregard of humanity, atop of the events surrounding the case, should he be chastised to an astronomical degree. He has acted as if he was above what we now see as civilisation.  I simply cannot believe some of the instances in question.  In no way am I speaking in his defence - I hope that justice will prevail.  It just seeme like the actions of a villain in a very controversial comic book: completely unbelievable.

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